Founder Notes: Why Big Heart

You may not know this about me, but I’m pretty big on sending out heart rays.

What are heart rays you ask?

Heart rays are energetic beams of love emitted from your chest towards another human or group of humans in your line of sight. Imagine being a superhero and your superpower is transmitting invisible, energetic hugs to complete strangers. Well I have that power. We all do actually. 

But sending out heart rays is depleting, y’all.

To keep up with the important work of sending love to other humans Big Heart Tea Co. was the answer. Heat the kettle, measure the tea, steep the tea. Heat the kettle, measure the tea, steep the tea - repeat. Brewing a cup of tea is a moving meditation that ends with a warm and cozy mind body experience. 

So why big heart?

Big Heart Tea Co. helps our hearts and when we help own our hearts we can help others too. 

Big love, 


Sherrie CastellanoComment