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According to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, our State “is home to nearly 100,000 farms, covering two-thirds of the state’s total land acreage”. While the large majority of the farm work happening right here is commodity soy and corn, there is a growing effort in the local farming community to diversify crop and dedicate land to indigenous and non-indigenous healing herbs. Herbs like tulsi, or holy basil, which flourish in our soil.

EarthDance Organic Farm School has teamed up with Big Heart Tea Co. to create a locally produced, certified organic, single origin tea blend made with certified organic tulsi and mint. This collaboration launches our efforts to work directly with farm communities, domestically and internationally, to connect you to the origin of your medicine.

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Origin Series

Introducing directly-sourced herbs + teas from farms that pass our rigorous standards for quality, ethics in labor, and agricultural responsibility.


EarthDance Organic Farm School is a 14-acre historic farm located in Ferguson Missouri whose mission is to grow food, farmers, and community through hands-on education and delicious experiences. Since its inception, EarthDance has trained over 300 beginning farmers, hosted thousands of children during school field trips, and sold over pounds and pounds of produce through farmers markets and local restaurants and wholesale accounts. EarthDance utilizes intensive, no-till techniques to grows several dozen varieties of vegetables and fruits. EarthDance is home to over 200 fruit trees including pawpaws, persimmons, apples, pears, figs, and mulberries. EarthDance grows a myriad of culinary and medicinal herbs as well as pollinator-attracting native flowers.

Farmer and herbalist, Crystal Stevens.

Farmer and herbalist, Crystal Stevens.

Through the Organic Farm School programs, EarthDance cultivates food leaders alongside abundant fresh produce. The EarthDance Farm & Garden Apprenticeship Program was developed to serve the needs of individuals seeking to learn organic growing techniques and practices, on a part-time basis. Some apprentices aspire to operate their own farms, while others plan to cultivate home, community, and youth gardens. The program incorporates instruction in techniques applicable to garden-scale production in addition to growing on a commercial scale. EarthDance apprentices learn the skills of organic agriculture, through hands-on education in the fields and from experienced farmers and gardeners.

EarthDance’s YEAH! (Youth Exploring Agriculture & Health) programs connect young people ages 5-21 to the natural world, healthy eating, and organic farming through farm-based job training, employment, and educational opportunities, including field trips for 1300+ students in 2017.

The Junior Farm Crew is EarthDance's summer jobs program for youth ages 16-19 from the Ferguson-Florissant area. The program operates 20 hours/week for 8 weeks in the summer. Currently, EarthDance partners with STL Youth Jobs to cost-share a stipend of $9/hr for crew members.

With permaculture principles at its core, EarthDance uses intensive, no-till methods of food production while focusing on soil health, water retention, and higher yields per bed square foot. EarthDance believes that food should be grown in a holistic manner and teaches these foundational beliefs through all our educational endeavors.

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