Fake Coffee Ice Cubes

Fact: this summer has been really hot. Like, so hot. It's bananas, y'all. 

So it was only a matter of time before we schemed up ways to keep our our cold brews colder, especially as we're headed out the door in the morning. 

Meet Fake Coffee Ice Cubes.


These ice cubes are so simple, but also kinda genius. We like to pair them with our Fake Coffee Cold Brew, to keep things chilly as we sip without getting watered down. Because let's be honest, watered down iced coffee (er, Fake Coffee) is not ideal.

ICYMI: Fake Coffee is our herbaceous, chocolaty coffee alternative that looks like a cup of coffee and kinda tastes like one too. Raw cacao brings the caffeine to the party, but with a boost that's gentler on your adrenals than a regular ol' cup of joe. (Buzzfeed even called it “life-changing.”)

So, ice cubes made with Fake Coffee? Yeah buddy. The really great thing about these beebs is their versatility. Pour your choice of milk over them and let them get all melty for a Fake Coffee iced latte, or toss a few into a blender with milk and maple syrup to make a frozen Fake Coffee milkshake. Whatever, really. You do you. 


Fake Coffee Ice Cubes

Makes: approx. one and a half trays of ice cubes (depending on the ice cube trays you use)


  • One batch of Fake Coffee Cold Brew

  • 1–3 Tablespoons maple syrup (optional, to taste)

Cold brew the Fake Coffee according to these how to cold brew tea instructions.

If you like your iced coffee with a touch of sweetness, combine the cold brewed Fake Coffee with maple syrup to taste and stir well. (Keep in mind, the sweetness from the ice cubes will be diluted as they melt and mix into your drink, so adjust sweetness accordingly.)

Pour Fake Coffee mixture into ice cube trays and freeze 6 hours, or overnight. 

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