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Heritage Tea Estate

Dibrugarh, Assam, NE India

The instant I stepped out of the plane in Dibrugarh, Assam, it smelled like tea. Assam produces about 15% of the tea grown in the world and everywhere you go, no matter where you turn, you see the beautiful - lush - green buds popping out from every corner. It's easy to fall in love with Assam.


Rajen and June at their home, tea factory and test garden, Heritage Tea Estate.

Rajan is a former employee of a large tea company that was acquired many other large tea companies. He retired a few years back, and during his short retirement he reflected on how he could make tea better. A true connoisseur, Raj applied his vast institutional and cultural knowledge of producing tea to create Heritage Tea Estate.

But Rajen doesn’t just create the best tasting Assam teas. He talks to the tea plants, looks after the soil and treats every living object in the supply chain as if it were his best friend. It’s simple, really - A happy ecosystem (land, plant, farmer) creates happy tea.

Raj told me a story about how he used to ride his bike along the tea estates in the mornings.  ‘The sun was rising and all the plants were waking up and turning towards the sun.’ I like to picture Rajen waving and laughing with tea trees when I get stressed. It’s a nice visual, no?


The look of love.

In a region where tea workers struggle to profit from their labors, Heritage Tea Estate buys fresh tea leaf from small growers at a premium and processes every leaf by hand. Heritage Tea Estate teas are all-natural and cultivated with chemical-free and pesticide-free methods.

The teas that we get from Heritage Tea Estate are blended in our Big Heart Breakfast Blend (currently only available wholesale). We will be releasing more teas and stories from Heritage Tea Estate real soon.

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