This is How We Do It: Iced Tea

Summertime! It’s finally here. And around here, that means just one thing: IT’S ICED TEA SEASON, Y’ALL!


Ok, so we know what you're thinking. (Well, at least we think we know what you're thinking.) Iced tea is pretty much all the same, right? I mean, what’s the big diff?

Welllll, a lot, actually.

We are really, really proud of our very special Iced Tea, Malawi #413. Not only is the flavor banging, but the quality is super high and the tea is sourced with hella love.

Here’s why our Malawi #413 is the single-origin iced tea of your dreams:


It’s bright. It’s citrusy. And all that. Our Malawi #413 is naturally sweet with soft, subtle notes of malt and red grape.


This tea is fresh. Like, really. Aside from flavor, you can actually see the difference in quality – our Iced Tea actually shines! This is an indication of freshness, as the leaves are still releasing oils (read: flavor.)


We like to say that our Malawi #413 is a nostalgic iced tea, just like mom used to make. (Only, you know, ethically sourced and without slave labor.)

Here’s the realness: Conventional iced tea brands (like the ones that you find on the bottom shelf of your local grocery store) have created a ‘false market rate’, or unrealistically low price for tea, that is not reflective of the human or earth energy required to produce it IRL. It’s our best guess that these conventional iced tea sellers are able to keep their costs unrealistically low by:

  • Blending together a variety of ‘bottom of the barrel’, low quality teas;

  • Leveraging their power in the marketplace in order to buy (too) low, ultimately affecting the fair pay and quality of life of farm workers (a majority of whom are women); or

  • A combination of the two.

Yeah. We don’t play that.

Our Malawi #413 Iced Tea is single-origin, sourced ethically from one farm that we know we can stand behind.

We source directly from the Satemwa Estate, located in the unique Malawian and Shire Highland terroir. Established in 1923, the Satemwa Estate is the last family-owned estate in the region. In peak tea season, Satemwa employs 2,500 workers – all supported by a robust Corporate and Social Responsibility program which provides professional medical services, a primary school for families, community policing programs, and even a competitive soccer team. Satemwa is Fair Trade Certified, UTZ+ and Rain Forest Alliance Certified.


Sooo, now that you see why our Malawi #413 isn’t just any old iced tea – it’s actually the bomb dot com –  here’s how we like to make it!

Flash Brew Method

If you need a glass of iced tea fast, like 5 minutes ago fast, this brewing method is just the ticket. It takes just a couple of minutes and makes a single serving. 

Measure 6 grams of tea (roughly a heaping teaspoon) + 6 oz water.

Heat water to 195*.

Steep tea for 2 minutes.

Shake with ice for the perfect iced tea.

Cold Brew Method

For cold brew tea, all you need is a pitcher and a wire mesh strainer (plus 8 hours.) We know. Waiting is hard. But it's worth it.

Measure 28 grams (about an ounce) per liter of water (roughly a quart).

Add cold water and refrigerate for 24 hours.

Strain into serving pitcher and serve over ice.

Happy sipping!

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