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Partner Story: Hattori Matcha

Big Heart Tea Co.'s matcha is harvested by farmer Yoshiaki Hattori, from just one tea garden in Shizuoka, Japan. Hattori also refuses to use chemicals on his tea shrubs, and powders their matcha with the traditional stone mill, preserving more of matcha's natural goodness.

Hattori teamed up with entrepreneur Kunikazu Mochitani to produce solar energy, harvested from leaf-shading in Kikugawa City. Solar power offsets the factory's needs from the power grid, helping to make Hattori matcha scalable for a specialty direct trade. 

The result is a pure, rich, minerally matcha powder with a sweet finish. There's not much else like it on the market, and we're proud to serve it up to you!

Hattori Matcha is where we landed. Single-origin. Pesticide-free. Literally sun-powered.

Hattori Matcha

Graphic by us, original photo by Tealet

Single-origin matcha is rare, because its meticulous production is hard for most small family farms to scale  it takes one hour to grind just 50g!

So, most matcha on the market today is milled at large factories, with leaves collected from multiple farms. This creates a washed-out flavor profile, and also makes it harder to track the pesticide and environmental impact from so many locations.

And traceability is important with matcha. When its popularity exploded in the West this past decade, opportunistic tea growers started marketing powdered green tea as matcha. It's really not the same.

True matcha is shaded, bringing out extra chlorophyll and nutrients. And traditional low-temp storage and stone-grinding methods maintain not only nutrition, but the natural sweetness of the leaves.

Single-origin Matcha

Sure, the health benefits of matcha are off the chain — that immunity-boost, that L-theanine fix, those crazy antioxidants, that calm-but-focused energy through the day? Yep. Just one matcha latte's got all the goods.

And to us, "quality" is a holistic thing. Our ingredients come from a true place of health. 

Try Yoshiaki Hattori's matcha. Change your life.


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