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The Power of Women Supporting Women

WOW. Wow wow wow! Our hearts are bigger and fuller than EVER after last week!

When author and entrepreneur Rachel Hollis posted about Big Heart last Wednesday, unsolicited, our surprise and gratitude could not be measured. Well, except maybe to the tune of 3,112 new insta followers, 1,006 new newsletter subscribers, and over 800 new customers! In just the last week! Whew. 

Snapshots from Rachel Hollis' instagram story about Big Heart Tea Co.!

Our small team of babes immediately started doing what we do best — hustling. And we filled every dang order with just a few hiccups along the way. Persistence, y’all. It’s one of Big Heart’s core values for a reason.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to work hard together to make the magic happen. Rachel Hollis’ support reminded us yet again of the power of women supporting women — and of this serendipitous universe we’re all trying to thrive in. Because there’s another twist to this tale.

2019 was a huge growth year for us, crafting ourselves into a wholesale powerhouse with the support and growth capital from an investment firm led by women. In addition to stocking our lovely faves in the cafe and restaurant country, we got our tea into national retailers like Anthropologie — and now Canada, launching into all Indigo’s next month! 

So, back to mistakes. While navigating all this new territory… we accidentally ordered the supplies for 3x more the amount of Royal Treatment tea bags than we needed! That’s a lotta tea. We blended it fresh, packed the tea bags, and put our heads together about what to do next.

And here’s where the serendipity and girl power came into play. When Rachel Hollis promoted (again, totally unsolicited and authentically promoted) Big Heart, she just happened to focus on Royal Treatmint! The crazy surge of sales last week was mostly Royal Treatmint tea bag orders. Cool, right? 

This opportunity reminded us of the power of women supporting women, and persistence and hustling. We are so grateful for it — and for the opportunity to meet y’all and Rachel, too <3

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