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The Women of Big Heart Tea Co.

Big Heart Tea Co. is dedicated to supporting women.

Internationally, locally, and all the way through the supply chain.

First, the original of all: Mother Earth. Certified organic herbs and spices make up all our brews, and our “tea, tea” (like, actual tea leaves) only comes from environmentally responsible tea estates.

Then the women on the farms. Every time you take a sip of tea, someone picked it, and there’s a strong chance she was a woman working for a tiny wage. That’s why we direct-source our tea only from ethical gardens.

Then, the women organizing and leading for better worker rights and pay in tea. If you haven’t read about Yankhu Tamang yet, get on that. Inspiration for days.

Then, before our brews support you — healing, organic, adaptogenic goodness hand-blended with love — the women hustling right here in South St. Louis.


Lisa Govro, Founder & CEO

Lisa Govro, Founder and CEO of Big Heart Tea Co. and her daughter, Astrid

Lisa and her daughter, Astrid

Before turmeric tea rocketed through the market, Lisa Govro was a twenty-something serving turmeric teas and golden milks at St. Louis farmers' markets in 2012. She’d fallen in love with the healing power of herbs while studying Ayurvedic cheffing, and began her search for the very best tea ingredients in the world. 

You can read about Lisa’s journey in the posts she’s authored about our supply chain transparency and direct-sourcing from India.

Kunthearath Nhek-Morrissey, VP of Operations & Supply Chain Sustainability

Kunthearath Nhek-Morrissey, VP of Operations and Supply Chain Sustainability

Kunthearath is a first-generation Cambodian/Vietnamese immigrant with degrees in international business & political science. She’s worked 20+ years working in supply chain and international logistics in manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and technology, before joining our team.

Kunthearath is driven by a passion for transparency and supporting the communities behind our consumer goods — as well as being a mom, valuing kindness and balance in every aspect of life.


Production babes: the ladies who hand-blend all your tea!

These two prefer to remain anonymous. But they’ve agreed to share a few things:

Both of them are refugees, and have been working at Big Heart Tea Co. for a quarter of their time in St. Louis. The younger of these two had only ever had black tea before, and never fresh. She’s loved learning all about herbs, blending, weighing — the precision and process has been a joy.

The elder has just started English classes. She always comes back to how “nice, flexible, and never yelling” our work environment and leadership is. She loves the energy, and feels good here. She also loves how even despite the language barrier, she and Kunthearath can communicate with just a look. “Beyond words,” she says.

Their favorite thing is overhearing all the good feedback about the products they’ve worked so hard on, spy-like!


Olivia Engel, Marketing and Copy Writer

Olivia’s filled a lot of roles, ranging from non-profit offices, education, foodservice and farmers markets, refugee advocacy, hydroponic and organic farms, and sustainability consulting. Her values, love of nature, and passion for creativity have always guided her career path.

Now, having the opportunity to tie together her various professional and academic backgrounds, she’s thrilled to write and hustle for Big Heart Tea Co.’s vision of disrupting unjust industries and healing soil, spirits, and bodies with our good tea.

Kunthearath Nhek-Morrissey, Olivia Engel, and Lisa Govro of Big Heart Tea Co.

Oh, and then there are our Stockist babes. We’re in the hands of boss babe small woman-owned businesses in 50 states!

Supporting women in business, from the ground up, means strengthening our economies and bringing more empathy into our day-to-day lives.

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