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Edith Grey
Edith Grey
Edith Grey
Edith Grey
Edith Grey
Edith Grey
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Edith Grey

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Ingredients: single-origin Malawi black tea, organic rose, organic bergamot oil

Edith Grey is a more feminine, more romantic version of a traditional Earl Grey. Made with our single-origin Malawi black tea from super rad Satemwa Estate, infused with real bergamot oil and blended with rose petals. 


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What’s in your tea?

All of our tea is not only certified organic / direct trade, but when we say “natural,” we really mean it, No flavors. No dyes. Just good ingredients. And every tea has every ingredient listed on its shopping page and on its box.

Our tea sachets are also made from 100% compostable, non-toxic PLA. So go ahead and sip safe.


What does “direct-trade” mean?

Direct-trade means a one or two-degree connection to your farmer. Big Heart Tea Co. puts our values of empathy, sustainability, and transparency into action by creating relationships with socially and environmentally responsible tea farmers, cutting out the middlemen.

That’s important not only because mama earth needs protection and love, but also because the tea industry has always been rooted in bad practices. Founder Lisa frames it this way:

Take a minute to imagine the number of hands that touch your tea before it gets to your cup.  

The hands that till the land, that plant the seed, that prune the plant, that harvest the leaves, that wither, roll, and dry the leaves, that package the tea, that move the package, that receive the package, that blend the tea, that sell the tea.

Yeah. That’s a lot of humans, and they deserve better.

We’ve learned that small, land-owning farmers are at the mercy of corporate importers who leverage their massive buying power to control the price and buy at unsustainable rates. We reject these clandestine, exploitative trade practices, and we know that anyone with a big heart would feel the same way.

Big Heart sources from tea estates and collectives that:

  • Take care of people

    • Do farmers get fair wages? Health care? Education?

  • Take care of the land

    • We’re looking for biodiversity and non-toxic fields! Which also means no pesticides in your cup ;)

Our direct trade partners:

Assam Heritage Tea


Yanki Tea


Satemwa Tea Estate


Can I come by tea from you? Can I see your space?

We do not have a brick-and-mortar for selling tea to the public. However, don’t lose heart! At our annual warehouse sale, folks can come see our St. Louis operation, sample local goods and Big Heart teas, and purchase any of our signatures teas as well as sample sizes, specialty teas, and more.

Follow us on social media and keep an eye our newsletter to see when our next open warehouse sale is!


I tried your Chai Latte at a cafe and fell in love — do you sell your chai concentrate?

Our labor-of-love chai recipe is only available wholesale! See our list of stockists to find a coffeehouse near you.

And coming soon, we’ll have a chai recipe write-up for you on our blog!


I want to sell your tea at my business!

Awesome! You can contact or apply for a wholesale account here!


Return Policy

You’ll see it in your order form before check-out, too!

If something is up, you can contact our team at within 30 days of purchase. Please include your full name, order number, and any details that will help us take care of you.


Ring ring!: (314) 875-0040

Important details:

  • No returns or credits past the 30-day limit or on opened items

  • Returns require an order number

  • Original and return shipping costs are nonrefundable

  • Expired promos cannot be extended to an exchange order

  • Refunds or exchanges are not offered based on personal taste


Can I change the details on an order I’ve already placed?

You can try, but we ship fast! Email as soon as you realize your mistake, and if we haven’t shipped it yet, we’ll change it up for you.

Plastic-Free Tea Bags

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Our bags are made from a biodegradable woven mesh called Soilon. Soilon is derived from corn starch and can be composted completely. Soilon is a safe, non-toxic, environment-friendly material — perfect for filtering tea and herbal infusions. 


How is Soilon made?

Soilon is made of poly lactic acid (PLA) polymer resin, made by lactic fermentation of glucose (derived from corn starch) by an enzyme and polymerization. 

PLA, sounds like plastic. . . 

Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastics, PLA is a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch (usually corn).

How does Soilon decompose?

Soilon can be decomposed rapidly when it is put into heated composting system, and quite slowly when it is used in usual circumstances (so don’t litter, obvs). The degradation is initiated by temperature, moisture, and alkaline material, and can be completely, safely degraded by microorganisms.

How long does decomposition take?

According to this article in the Scientific American, PLA can break down into its constituent parts (carbon dioxide and water) within 3 months in a “controlled composting environment”  (an industrial composting facility, heated to 140°F and surrounded by plenty of digestive microbes). It will take far longer in a home compost bin, and hopefully won’t end up in a landfill packed so tightly that no light and little oxygen are available to assist in the process. Any organic matter in landfills is a huge waste, y’all, and releases methane. Indeed, analysts estimate that a PLA could take anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill.

So, are your tea bags safe?

Our tea bags are 100% safe. They contain no hazardous substances to leech into your tea, such as endocrine disruptors (environmental hormones), and are naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial. 

Read more about the pros and cons of PLA here and here.


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