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Summer Tea Pop

Hey, remember rocket pops? 


Illustration of bomb pop

Without a doubt, these tricolor treats are a visually stunning symbol of summertime refreshment. But let’s be real: they’re not the best for you. They’re jammed with sugar, weird ingredients, and artificial flavors. 
Good news — we came up with a DIY, better-for-you recipe for all-natural homemade rocket pops made with tea that get their all-natural red, white and blue hue from layers of Big Heart Tea Co’s Blushing and Minty Blue paired with a lemonade center. With this recipe, you’re in control of the sweetness: you can decide what sweetener to use and how much.  
Best of all, they’re easy to make — all you need is popsicle molds, a handful of ingredients, and a little time to make these sweet (and a little sour) summery popsicles.
A few things to know about this recipe:
  • The amounts in this recipe are based on approximately 2-ounce popsicle molds. There will be a little extra liquid, but that’s a good thing if you’re a Bona Fide Butterfingers like me and tend to accidentally spill during the process. 
  • Depending on what popsicle molds you use, adding the last “layer” of Minty Blue might be tricky since the popsicle sticks will already be in place by the time you add it. Move the bases aside gently (lest they snap!) before you pour in the last liquid layer. Alternatively, use regular popsicle sticks for easier pouring of each layer. 
  • Popsicles are cold, which can dull certain flavors. What does that mean? It’s ok to make your tea and lemonade extra-strong so that the flavors will stand out in popsicle form.
  • Picuter of bomb pop actually made.
Tricolor Tea Pops
Makes 6  
  • 1 bag Blushing tea 
  • 1 bag Minty Blue tea 
  • 8 ounces lemonade 
Supplies: 6 popsicle molds (I used these Rocket Pop molds)
  1. Place the Blushing and Minty Blue tea bags in two respective mugs. 
  2. Boil water and prepare each respective tea per package instructions. Once steeped, remove tea bags, and add sweetener to taste (for me, this was about 1 teaspoon of simple syrup in each cup). Let cool to room temperature. 
  3. Make some space in your freezer. Place your popsicle molds in their little base. Fill each mold about 1/3 with Blushing tea. Put in the freezer until set, a couple of hours. 
  4. Pour the lemonade on top, filling each mold about 2/3 full. At this point, put the popsicle sticks in the molds. Put in the freezer again and let set. 
  5. Pour Minty Blue on top (if you have popsicle sticks with a little base, you’ll have to push the base to the side and pour very carefully).
  6. Put them back in the freezer for several hours or until completely set. Wow your friends with your fancy tea pops!

Hand holding blushing tea, on blue background. CTA shop now


Hand holding minty blue tea on blue background. CTA shop now


Wanna Make More Tasty Treats With Tea?
Here are a few recipes to try out with Blushing and Minty Blue, respectively: 
About the author: 
My name is Jessie Oleson Moore. I used to be a minor internet baking celebrity thanks to my former blog, CakeSpy. Now, I’m a freewheeling freelance writer, illustrator, and baking enthusiast. I’m also a new mom, and as such I’m particularly interested in recipes that are easy to make, easy to store, and that my kid will enjoy baking with me, enjoy eating, or both.
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