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Origin Story

Hi. We're Big Heart Tea Co.

We started selling tea out of a 1969 camper trailer at farmers’ markets and street fairs in 2012. 


 Back then we were pouring tea for anyone who would listen to us talk about the healing powers of plants. 

You see, herbs, flowers, spices and tea literally bring the flavor to every party they attend. They are fun and loud, caring and nurturing, and have fascinating stories and origins yet rarely are given a voice to express just how goofy and friendly they really are.

So here we are.
Female Founded in 2012

Big Heart Tea Co. is on a mission to make healing herbs and teas more fun and more accessible. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we mean serious business.

We vet every step of our supply chain so that you’re not just getting the best tea in the world (according to us), you are getting the best tea for the world. Certified organic or direct trade ingredients, wrapped in packaging made from plants (not plastics) and printed locally.

Building personal relationships with the world’s top organic tea farmers, Big Heart Tea Co. has developed a holistic direct-sourcing process that focuses in equal parts on the quality of the tea, the lives of the farmers who grow it and the environment. 


We’re proud to have partnered with some of the best chefs and baristas in the country to help them reinvent their tea service. Together, we’re redefining tea service. 






Meet the farmers' collection

A line of teas celebrating the farms we love. Each tea leaf was sourced directly from our friends at Assam Heritage, Satemwa Tea Farm, or Happy Mukoujimaen, wrapped and boxed up with all the love for you. Consider it a long distance hug from your fave tea babes.
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