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Tea Talk

Why Media Outlets Heart Big Heart Tea Co. 


At Big Heart Tea Co., we make tea. We work hard to make our tea great by creating fresh blends that do your body good, responsibly sourcing our ingredients, and using environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging.  


Recently, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some fabulous press from some major media outlets. And you know what the best part is about it — other than, you know, fame and fortune?


Seeing how you look through other people’s eyes. 


When we read what other people have to say about us, it helps us learn what people like and how people use our products. This information helps us improve and optimize everything we do! 


Here’s what we’ve learned from a few recent features in Wirecutter and Cosmo:  

1. Big Heart Tea Co’s Chai: A One-Way Ticket to Relaxation 

According to Wirecutter by the New York Times, Big Heart Tea Co.’s Chai is the ultimate gateway to relaxation. They’ve featured our signature rooibos chai blend not one but two times! 


In an article entitled “17 Things That Help Us Relax,” Wirecutter suggests BHT’s Chai as a great way to calm your senses at the end of a long day. Not only is our chai grounding, but unlike many chai varieties, it’s naturally caffeine-free thanks to the use of rooibos leaves. 


In another article entitled “The Best Teas We’ve Tasted” (!!), Wirecutter touts our Chai as a great option for those who like to avoid caffeine, or those who like to drink tea right before bed — as they put it, “this chai brings big flavors without the buzz.” 


They also note that our chai is extra-relaxing thanks to tulsi, which isn’t merely an aromatic pick-me-up but a mood booster to boot. 


➡️ 🫖 Grab some Chai now! 

2. BHT: The Perfect Gift For Your Swee-Tea 

Y’all, we have also been featured in Cosmo. Yes, the same magazine that has featured articles like “The Butt Facial: Yeah, We Know. But It’ll Make Yours Silky Smooth” and “Sex That Brings You Closer: These Hot Moves Will Start a Bonfire in His Pants…and His Heart” 

(Yes, those were actual, real-life Cosmo headlines.)


But don’t worry, the article we were featured in didn’t get weird. Entitled “46 Romantic Gifts She’ll Be So Obsessed With,” the article suggested Big Heart Tea Co.’s products as the perfect gift for your sweetheart! 


They featured our Cup of Love brew in particular, noting that it’s the perfect way to tell your sweetie they’re your cup of tea. After all, the packaging includes the words “Heart,” “love,” and “rose” — pretty obvious what the theme is, right? 


Of course, we think any of our teas are great gifts — for your sweetheart, and for anyone close to your heart. We also believe that Cup of Love celebrates all types of love — not just the romantic sort. 


➡️ 🫖 Grab some Cup of Love now! 

In Conclusion: Tea is Awesome! 


We love getting press because it helps support us and spread the word about what we’re doing, so we can keep doing it. 


So go ahead … Buy tea. Relax. Share it with those you love. Rinse and repeat. Live your best life! 


Thanks again to both Wirecutter and Cosmo for the features. 


What’s your favorite way to relax with tea? 

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