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Gift Guide: 10 Ways to Say Chai Love You This Father’s Day

The babes at Big Heart Tea Co. might not be fathers, but we’ve been using dad jokes since the very beginning, ya’ll. Some of your fav teas got their start as puns - we’re looking at you, Chai, formerly known as Don’t Chai Know. This Father’s Day, we’re giving you our top ten gifts ideas for dad with all the dad jokes you can handle to make the holiday as cringingly lovable as your old man. 

Fatherhood isn’t bound by biology. This Father’s Day, celebrate the people in your life who have taught you strength, integrity, and the art of pun-based comedy. Give them a gift. Laugh at their jokes (like more than a courtesy chuckle). Enjoy some quali-tea time with the dads you love.

Say Chai Love You - Dad On Yellow

1. Always chai your best.

Dad will love the tea-rific twist on classic horchata with a homemade Creamy Chai Horchata (Horchaita if you speak dad joke). Big Heart Tea Co. Chai is packed with all the antioxidants to make dad’s bod feel its best as well as the spices and herbs that give horchata its signature flavor. This simple tea recipe is sure to impress without breaking the bank, don’t chai know?

2. Honest-tea is the best policy. 

Your dad is hot. Seriously, it’s June, the man needs to cool down. Show him you care with Cold Brew Iced Tea. Smooth and naturally sweet, homemade cold brew tea is an easy DIY Father’s Day gift that pairs well with whatever you toss on the grill this weekend. We suggest Chamomile Mint for the ultimate chill. 

Father's Day Joke

3. Q: What did the bee give his dad for Father’s Day?

A: A little buzz, of course. 

Give your papa the gourmet cocktail he deserves with an Edith Grey Gin Fizz. Infused with lavender and our signature Edith Grey tea, this is the gift every dad needs to sit back, relax and let sips happen.  

4. Stay cool, Pops.

Help your pop chill out with homemade ice pops. Our Pomegranate Hibiscus Ice Pop recipe was designed by Poptimism and Whisk chef Kaylen Wissinger and is a crowd pleaser, ya’ll. Bring out his inner child with grown up popsicles that are sweet enough to share with the kids. This treat pairs well with freshly mowed grass, grilled hot dogs, and SPF 40. 

Dad Joke Tea Pun

5. Q: How does an herb celebrate Father’s Day? 

A: With the Royal Treatmint. 

Give your dad one of Big Heart Tea Co.’s fav puns and bake a batch of Royal Treatmint Cookies. Chocolate and mint unite in these chewy treats to make your dad feel like royal-tea. 

6. Dad Tip: Always put your best foot faux-ward. 

Start Father’s Day brunch with a slice of Fake Coffee Coffee Cake. Our Fake Coffee contains dandelion root and sweet cinnamon, both rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Brew up this comforting coffee cake for the foodie Father’s Day gift that will please the entire fam. 

Dad Joke Rosie Arnold Palmer

7. Q: What do you call a golfer with a sunburn?

A: Rosie Arnold Palmer. 

Created at a St. Louis fav, The Mud House, the Rosie Arnold Palmer is a sweet combination of iced tea, lemonade and creativi-tea. Made with Big Heart Tea Co. Cup of Love, this recipe is steeped in paternal appreciation. Pair with a day on the links for the ideal tea time. 

8. A novel idea.

Your dad is a classic. Celebrate your favorite bookworm with a homemade Woven Bookmark. Popular with bibliophiles and environmentalists alike, this recycled Father’s Day gift puts sustainabili-tea first. 

Father Figure on Yellow With Dad Joke

9. Watch your steep. 

Give dad a little primo pot with a Big Heart Tea Co. Yama Glass Side Pour Teapot. Hand blown by Yama Glass Factory in Japan, this brew-tea-ful pot gives both form and function. Kyuku pots, like this little wonder, are designed for Japanese green tea, but will brew up any of dad’s favorites to perfection. For more traditional dads, pair with Malawi Roasted Green. For rule breakers, or herbal enthusiasts, Cup of Sunshine will give dad the turmeric high he needs.

10. Matcha Matcha Man

Wow dad this holiday with a homemade Matcha Cheesecake. Created by executive pastry chef, Tai Davis, this recipe has so matcha to offer: delicious, packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and totally accessible to a novice baker. Plus, our single origin, organic Matcha is good for dad and sustainable - our favorite kind of macho, ya’ll. 

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