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Why Our Tea Tastes So Good

Why does our tea taste so darn good?

It comes from love. 

Love of ingredients, craft, people, and planet. We bring all this together to give you the best cup of tea you’ve ever had.

Cup of Love on Marble

Real Good Ingredients.

Big Heart Tea Co. sources the freshest, high-quality, natural ingredients. All our herbs, flowers, and spices are certified organic, and our tea leaves are sourced direct from single-origin collectives and estates we personally know and love. 

And bonus — they’re real good for you. We choose organic herbs and botanicals that heal the body and lift the spirit. Herbs that come from a place of health.

Small-batch, in-house, by-hand, and all that. 


Once we have our glorious flowers, roots, seeds, herbs, and tea leaves, we blend them in small batches to create the best-tasting tea in the world. We wait to grind everything fresh ourselves so that the essential oils can really dance together, infusing your brew with their flavors.

Real Intentional.

We believe that quality is informed by a sustainable life cycle of tea — from field, to farmer, to factory, to freight. We lead with our big hearts to promise the healthiest supply chain.

Founder Lisa Govro first fell in love with the healing power of herbs in 2012, beginning her search for the very best ingredients in the world.

Big Heart Tea Co. Founder Lisa Govro in Darjeeling, India with freshly harvested turmeric
Lisa, holding a bundle of fresh turmeric like a bb


Building personal relationships with the world’s top organic tea farmers, we’ve developed a holistic direct-sourcing process that focuses in equal parts on the quality of the tea, the lives of the farmers who grow it, and the environment. 

Delicious, Healing, Joyful, Intentional. 

Big Heart Tea Co. crafts and brews with big love.

And we know you’ll taste it. 

Royal Treatmint organic herbal ingredients arranged for blending: lavender, mints, and tulsi

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