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Highlight: Fake Coffee

Ingredients: organic raw cacao, organic dandelion root,
organic chicory root, organic cinnamon

Delicious coffee alternative,

say wha?

Fake Coffee is our herbaceous, chocolatey coffee alternative. A certified organic "mock coffee" herbal tea that looks like a cup of coffee and kinda tastes like one too. Raw cacao’s theobromine brings the energetics to the party with a boost that's gentler on your adrenals than a regular ol' cup of joe.

If you've been wondering how to stop drinking coffee, or you'd like to reduce your caffeine intake with a faux coffee that's a little healthier, Fake Coffee is your hero! Here's the tea on why this babe is good for you, plus brewing instructions and recipes below.

Big Heart Tea Co.'s Fake Coffee

What happens when you drink too much coffee?

Look, we Big Heart babes love coffee too. But maybe, like, a little too much?

There are lots of causes for anxiety, and unfortunately, caffeine intake is one. Too much coffee will make anyone restless and jittery, and if you already have anxiety for other reasons, coffee can worsen your symptoms. Racing heart, nervousness, shallow breathing and breaking out in a sweat. It's no fun.

Big Heart Tea Co.'s Fake Coffee tea box, brewed in a mug, and loose tea on wood next to pine branches

What makes herbal coffee alternatives good for you?

They're all good, but Fake Coffee is the star.

Fake Coffee is healthy because it lowers the anxiety meter while still gifting you focusing power - plus the satisfying flavor notes of coffee you crave (Buzzfeed even called it “life-changing” for this reason, hey hey). Reducing caffeine helps with mood and sleep - two related, very important things.

We associate caffeine with being perky, but there's a not-so-cute side too. Beyond anxiety, too much caffeine can let all our more challenging emotions take over - like feeling irritable, angry, or insecure. That's because it makes us release adrenaline, which leads to a build up of cortisol.

And of course, we all know a good nights' sleep is important. The more scientists explore sleep, the more they're finding that the benefits of sleep are not only essential, but cover even wider ground than we could have known.

And since caffeine interferes, big time, it's another reason we developed Fake Coffee for you. We want you coasting on those deep, sweet dreams.

Fake Coffee with Cream in Mug

Our Main Ingredients: healthy cacao and dandelion

Raw cacao's theobromine is a heart-healthy alkaloid found in certain plants, and most famously in large amounts in the delicious cocoa bean. Besides balanced energy, it may have a lot of other health benefits. 

And coupled with anti-inflammatory dandelion root with its loads of antioxidants, you're basically drinking straight-up wellness every time. Plus, dandelion's alkaline! Anyone suffering from heartburn will be very happy with dandelion in their cup.

Big Heart Tea Co.'s Fake Coffee tea box, brewed in a mug, and loose tea

There’re health benefits to chicory and cinnamon, too

In addition to dandelion, chicory is another STL native you see everywhere but probably didn’t recognize. Yep, you’ve seen it! Those wispy periwinkle flowers growing out of the sidewalk cracks and alongside the highway? It’s native medicine.

You might have already heard that chicory coffee makes a healthy coffee alternative (plus mighty tasty) as a high source of inulinCinnamon is a good friend, too. She's got those antioxidant polyphenols tea leaves are famous for, she's anti-inflammatory, she's heart-healthy — the list goes on. So that dash of cinnamon in your Fake Coffee is doing more than just bringing that sweet, sassy flavor we all love.

Loose Leaf certified organic herbal tea caffeine free Fake Coffee - Big Heart Tea Co.

The Tea.

Herbaceous, chocolatey.

Mildly sweet like a spice cake, 

mildly bitter like your classic morning coffee.

Replacing or reducing your coffee intake is always an idea worth exploring. For us, one of the hardest part about taking a break from coffee was missing the rich, robust flavors. That mouthfeel of coffee, the aroma of coffee. 

Well, don't worry. Fake Coffee's got you.

Brewing hot:

    • Measure 5 grams (or 2 heaping teaspoons) per 10 oz serving
    • Steep in 195°F for 1 minute
    • Strain and serve 

Brewing cold: 

It's super easy. Here are our cold brew instructions for any tea.
And we've got too-delicious special recipes just for Fake Coffee!
Click for recipe:

Fake Coffee Cold Brew Graphic
Fake Coffee Ice Cubes

Get some in your life.

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