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Highlight: Cup of Love

Big Heart Tea Co. Cup of Love tea box, certified organic rose and tulsi tea

Ingredients: Organic tulsi, organic red rose

Cup of Love is blended with just two simple, certified organic ingredients — rose and tulsi.

Rose has been beloved by, like, literally everyone, forever. It’s just written in our DNA. The sight, the scent, the flavor  rose IS love.

The Health Benefits of Rose and Tulsi

The health benefits of rose really don't get enough credit. Rose soothes skin, throats, and stomachs. It's anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants (you've seen how easy rose petals "bruise"  those are antioxidants rushing to the source of air!). And so many people feel a sense of intoxicating, sensory pleasure just from that famous scent.

And tulsi? With its sweet, green, adaptogenic power, it makes a perfect dance partner for rose. Cup of Love is a simple blend that we like to say is "just like a hug from your grandma".

The Tea.

Naturally sweet and fragrant rose, with mild tulsi that fills out the tea in your mouth.

We posted about 3-different ways to enjoy this simple tea but when it comes to brewing the perfect cup, don't stress.  

Sip it hot. Honestly, this is a staff fave year round no matter what. Add a little milk and honey, or just enjoy the natural sweetness of tulsi and rose.

Enjoy it iced. Cold brew this babe, you won't be sorry. Just plunk 5 tea sachets in 2 liters of water overnight, and voila, it’s ready! You can brew in the fridge if you want it chilled, and room temp works just fine, too. And if you like lemonade, check our recipe for the Rosie Arnold Palmer.

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