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Highlight: Royal Treatmint

Ingredients: organic tulsi, organic spearmint, organic lavender, organic peppermint, organic ginkgo leaf

That classic mint tea just got way better.

Here's the story of why we crafted Royal Treatmint. We wanted a tea that made us go "ahhhhhh." On the tastebud level  but like, on the nervous system level, too.

A little secret: Big Heart Tea Co. was actually founded by coffee drinkers. Don’t get us wrong, we drink A LOT of tea too, but coffee is one of those things that we just can’t kick.

Like most Americans, we indulge in a daily cup of that delicious, dark, caffeinated brew — but all that caffeine can really wreak havoc on you after a while. Too much caffeine, stress, or basically just living in 2020 is hard on your beautiful body.

More specifically: on how your adrenal system handles stress.

Preparing loose leaf Royal Treatmint by Big Heart Tea Co., with a wooden spoon and glass teapot

What is adrenal fatigue?

Do you feel like you need a cup of coffee after your cup of coffee? That's a BIG sign of adrenal fatigue and exactly why we created Royal Treatmint.

Adrenal fatigue is that tired, restless, uneasy feeling that you just can’t shake. It can be caused by a whole library of outside stimulants, like eating too much junk food, stressing too much too often, or drinking too much caffeine.

Caffeine, adrenal fatigue, and anxiety

It’s no surprise that caffeine intake is also one of the many causes for adrenal fatigue and anxiety. Anyone who's had too much coffee can attest that it makes you restless and jittery, but that racing heart and restlessness shouldn’t stick around after your cup. And if you already have anxiety for other reasons, caffeine heightens your symptoms. 

Caffeine makes ya wake up and feel cheerful and focused, but it also makes you release adrenaline, which leads to a build up of cortisol. And studies are showing that leads to anxiety, irritability, anger, and insecurity.

Not to mention that as you age (ahem), caffeine kinda puts a damper on getting a good, deep sleep, big time. In fact, the more scientists explore the benefits of sleep the more they're proving what our elders have always known — a good night's rest is nature's best remedy.

Royal Treatmint box with mint leaves

Ginkgo is here for the kidneys.

Okay, first of all  ginkgo is so beautiful. And it's a living fossil! That's just cool. We actually have one growing just outside our South St. Louis warehouse.

But ginkgo biloba can be a powerful medicine. So we blend in a small, gentle amount for Royal Treatmint. We added it specifically because it shows promise for balancing over-active adrenal glandsThe adrenals are tiny glands sitting on the top of your kidneys that release cortisol when they are reacting (or overreacting) to things like stress and caffeine.

A collection of bowls filled with the raw, organic herbal ingredients for Big Heart Tea Co.'s Royal Treatmint: tulsi, lavender, spearmint, peppermint, and ginkgo.

The Main Ingredients: Tulsi, Lavender, and Mints

Ginkgo is one stinky healer, though, so we blended it with strong aromatic herbs like mints and lavender. And they'll help you out, too.

The Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi, a mint also known as "holy basil," is an ancient South Asian adaptogen. It protects your body from pollutants, and softens and adapts the body's response to prolonged stress. Tulsi balances the negative effects of metabolic stress (blood sugar, pressure, and lipid levels) and psychological stress (memory, cognitive function, and anti-depressant). And coupled with holy basil's anti-inflammatory properties and heaps of antioxidants, you're basically drinking straight-up wellness every time.

The Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is well-known for calming, soothing, and relaxing. And it's not just an essential oil craze! On top of those clinically-proven benefits for the nervous system, scientists have found that it's has potential as a natural anti-depressant too. Oh, and skin health and gentle antimicrobial activity. And it could help heal wounds. So basically, it's a delicious, great-smelling, purple powerhouse.

The Benefits of Mints

Spearmint and peppermint are no joke, either. We've been missing out, thinking they're just for candy or stale old mint tea. Fresh, high quality mints (like ours), loaded with their own antioxidants and antipathogenic powers, could also help improve memory, heal digestive issues, and might even assist in balancing hormones.

That's why we say Royal Treatmint is a soothing and stimulating blend. This tea helps you relax, while at the same time encouraging mental and digestive function. 

A hand pouring brewed herbal tea Royal Treatmint into a glass cup, surrounded by bowls with the raw, organic ingredients Big Heart Tea Co. uses to blend

The Tea.

Flowery, minty.
Herby and green.
Crisp as an iced tea, and cozy as a warm cup.

Mint tea gets a bad rap out there, and for good reason. Low-quality, stale old ingredients are so not refreshing. So we challenged ourselves to do better (like we do), and we’re proud to offer this taste bud pleasing, adrenal balancing blend

Get ready for a lavender-infused, minty cup unlike any you've had before.

Brewing hot:

    • Measure 5 g loose leaf tea (or 2 heaping tsp) per 10 oz water
    • Steep in 175°F for 1 minute
    • Strain and serve 

Brewing cold: 

Here are cold brew instructions for any of our teas. Easy, and so refreshing.

Get some in your life.

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