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Recipe: Minerva's Royal Mint Margarita

If you know Cherokee Street in South St. Louis, you probably know Minerva Lopez. She's a community leader-and-a-half, plus a food and drink entrepreneur. Her fresh take on a minty tequila cocktail with Royal Treatmint is the best mojito-style margarita recipe we've ever tried at home, with fresh lime, fresh mint, and Big Heart Tea Co.

Minerva's Royal Mint Margarita

Margarita Ingredients 

Makes One 12 oz. Margarita

You'll need:

  • a vessel for brewing tea (could be a mug, small saucepan, or jar)
  • a tea strainer (if you're using loose leaf tea)
  • a shaker
  • a shot glass
  • a spoon or stirring stick
  • a knife and cutting board
  • a mortar and pestle (if you're crushing your own salt)
  • a small plate
  • a serving glass of choice (10-12 oz)

Prepares a 10-12 oz drink, with ice to taste

  • 2 cups ice for mixing and drinking
  • 1.5 oz tequila of your choice
  • 1 oz lime juice (fresh if ya got it)
  • .5 oz Cointreau 
  • 1 oz Royal Treatmint concentrate
  • 4 oz Tipo Chico sparkling water
  • 1 lime for garnish and squeezing
  • Fresh mint leaves for garnish
  • Himalayan salt for the rim, crushed


Royal Treatmint and Limes

 For the Royal Treatmint concentrate:

  1. Heat 6 oz water to under boiling (ideally 175 degrees)
  2. Add 1 tbsp Royal Treatmint loose leaf tea (or 1 teabag)
  3. Steep for 2-3 minutes, then strain / remove teabag and refrigerate to cool.
For the drink:
  1. Shake tequila, lime juice, Royal Treatmint concentrate, and Cointreau with ice.
  2. Cut lime into rounds, set aside.
  3. Lay crushed Himalayan salt on a plate.
  4. Wet the rim of your glass and turn lightly on the salted plate to rim it with salt.
  5. Pour mixed drink over ice, and top off with sparkling water. Stir.
  6. Ready to garnish and enjoy.
Pouring Tea-Infused Margaritas

Treat yourself Royally.

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