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Recipe: Cold Brew Tea

 Cold-brewing is fantastic.

When you taste cold brew coffee, it's just something different. Smoother. Sweeter. Lighter.

Well, here's how to cold brew tea just right.

Rosie Palmer in Glass

Well, the same can be said for tea. Heat brings out some flavors and masks others, and it especially brews up those tannins. Cold does not, so there may be additional cold brew tea health benefits for that reason. You'll get the same amount of antioxidants, but with less bitterness!

Cold Brewed Tea Recipe

If you love iced tea, or just getting creative in the kitchen, you'll find that cold brew tea unlocks whole new worlds of flavor.

This is our cold brew tea recipe guide, in just five easy steps. We're featuring our soothing, healthy tea bb Chamomile Mint, which was developed with hot summer nights in mind.

All you'll need is:

• Glass container (pickling jar, carafe, etc.), 1 liter or larger

• Lid or cover for container

• 1-ounce loose tea (or 5 tea bags)

• 1 liter cold or room-temp water

Sprinkle Loose Leaf Tea

Combine. In a glass container, fill with your tea and water. 

Tip! Crush the tea a little bit with your fingertips. This will release its natural oils and aromas to make the best-tasting drinks.


Pour over loose leaf tea

Cover. The container with a top or lid, give it a little shake and place it in the refrigerator or cool, shaded area.

Tip! If you shake your tea here and there while it's brewing, you'll release more antioxidants and more flavor.

Loose Leaf Tea in Jars

Wait. For 6 to 12 hours. Waiting is the hardest part. Waiting is so hard. We hate waiting, too. 

Tip! Some teas have stronger flavors than others. Our delicious Edith Grey, for instance, has real bergamot oil, which can be too strong for a 12 hour brew. Feel free to ask us, if you're unsure. We kinda love talking about tea.

Strain. Using a mesh sieve or cheesecloth, strain your cold-brewed tea and discard the tea remains (compost if you can) 

Loose Leaf Tea in Sieve

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