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The Benefits of Tulsi a.k.a The Queen of Herbs

the queen of herbs

Happy Tulsi Tea is a single farm Tulsi that is sourced with love from Oregon. It is also known as the herb, holy basil (Ocimum sanctum). Tulsi is sacred in India and can be referred to as “Queen of the Herbs” in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a naturally sweet adaptogenic herb in the mint family and is used in both spiritual and medicinal practices. This tea was love at first sip as I was sitting on my porch in the summer sun. It was sweet, earthy, and delicious, and left me feeling very grounded.


Tulsi holds a special place in the Big Heart Tea family. As a small business, it prides itself in sourcing sustainably from the farmers themselves. Having this connection directly from plant to product is one of many reasons that makes this women-owned business very special.


Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb which indicates that it can not only support lifestyle and treat disease but also has the pharmacological action to reduce metabolic, physical, and psychological stressors on the body. Among many other benefits, Tulsi is a powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-supporting herb.


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While Tulsi has been around for thousands of years and is commonly used in Ayurvedic protocols, it is gaining popularity for current research around its ability to lower stress. Current research is showing numerous benefits of Tulsi! Some of these exciting benefits have been shown to include:


  • Protection of organs & tissues from chemical & physical stress (ie. heavy metals, pollution, and prolonged physical exertion)
  • Lower inflammation
  • Support liver detox pathways
  • Supports immune system
  • Support metabolic stress by improving and balancing blood glucose levels
  • Lower cholesterol and support heart health
  • Aid in hormonal balance
  • Reducing psychological stress by improving memory & cognitive function
  • Lowers anxiety


A lot of these benefits are intertwined with how stress impacts our bodies. When we look at the root causes of a lot of our chronic diseases they are typically impacting our nervous system, immune system, gut microbiome, and more. When these systems are stressed and we do not take a holistic approach to improve them the chances of them turning into long-term issues are high. 


Preparing a daily cup of Tulsi tea can help reduce inflammation, support multiple systems in our bodies, and help us feel a sense of calm. Utilizing nutrition, adaptogens like tulsi, and other lifestyle approaches we can look back to Ayurvedic practices and weave them back into our daily rituals.




As a society that has been enveloped in a pandemic for 2+ years, our current generation has not experienced this level of stress. The mental stress increase during this time period has been very high. However, not only can stress come from psychological impacts but it can also be manifested from environmental as well as metabolic and physical too. All of these types of stress impact how we function and can be directly linked to many common chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, and more. 


One of the ways that Tulsi is able to help reduce these stressors is by impacting and supporting our detoxification pathways. Our liver has two distinct pathways (phase 1 & phase 2) and helps with our internal symptoms to eliminate waste. Our bodies detox on their own but we can support these processes to function optimally through nutrition and lifestyle choices. Tulsi has high phenolic compounds and antioxidant properties that can help support optimal detoxification and remove free radicals in the body. When these pathways are functioning well we prevent build-up of toxins that lead to disease, have better moods and energy levels, a strong immune system, and excellent digestion. 


Metabolic syndrome is unfortunately extremely predominant in our modern society due to poor diet, less movement, and high psychological stressors. In several studies, tulsi has been shown to have the ability to lower blood glucose, improve lipid levels, help with insulin resistance, and lower blood pressure. These findings are huge as they are a way we can support our bodies in reducing cortisol levels, balancing blood sugar, as well as lowering inflammation. 


In addition to physical & metabolic stress, we also deal with a large mental load. Tulsi tea has been shown to positively lower stress and anxiety while supporting memory and cognitive function. Tulsi is not caffeinated and it has a calming effect that can help with regulating the nervous system. Unlike coffee, Tulsi does not leave you feeling jittery and there is no research to show it causes dependence or withdrawal allowing it to be implemented at any time of the day.


Creating rituals with Tulsi


Creating rituals that help reduce stress in your body physically and mentally makes a significant difference in how you feel. Having a self-care menu that helps support your nervous system regulation greatly impacts our mood and allows us to be more present. Finding rituals that you enjoy and can be consistent with is the best way to support reducing the stress we accumulate. I recommend selecting activities that touch on movement, your mind, nutrition, and the physical body. Touching on all senses instead of just one area like exercises creates a well-rounded approach to stress management. Some daily rituals to incorporate that can help with this are:


  • Movement: gentle movement, yoga, resistance training, walks in nature, stretching, and foam rolling
  • Mind & Soul: meditation, EFT tapping, breath-work, journaling, reading, visualization
  • Nutrition: incorporating tulsi tea, adaptogenic herbs, supplements, hydration, and balanced nutrition
  • Body Work: massage, self-myofascial release, progressive muscle relaxation, reiki, bath with Epsom salts & lavender, dry brushing, hot & cold showers


Due to Tulsi’s unique properties, it can be the perfect way to start your morning by bringing gentle energy or a great way to unwind from your day by calming your nervous system. Adding tulsi tea to your wellness toolbox is something you will look forward to again and again. Construct daily rituals that, like tulsi, are unique to you and help to regulate your nervous system so you can create clarity and abundance in your life.

Happy Tulsi Recipe image


Iced Tulsi Tea Latte


1 Big Heart Tea Tulsi Bag

Hot Water

2 oz plant-based milk, frothed

1 tsp honey



Ice Cubes



  1. Boil 8 oz water and steep 1 happy tulsi tea bag for your desired time. Let tea cool down to room temp (or place in the freezer/fridge).
  2. While you are steeping your tea use a milk frother, take 2 oz of your favorite plant based milk and froth to your desired consistency.
  3. In a glass place ice cubes 
  4. Pour tea over ice
  5. Top with your frothed milk and honey and mix the milk with tea
  6. Sprinkle with ginger & cinnamon
  7. Enjoy! 





This article is written by Caitlin Cipriano, to learn more about Caitlin and her

Nutritionist background, visit or follower her @wholesomehuntress

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