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Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plex Chakra

Hey. Have you ever heard the term “fire in your belly”? That’s what the solar plexus chakra’s all about — it’s your seat of personal power, and a mighty energy center that deserves plenty of TLC! 

Today, we’ll talk all about the solar plexus chakra — including why Big Heart Tea Co.’s Cup of Sunshine is the perfect tea to keep it balanced. But first, a little backstory on why we’re here…

Big Heart Tea Co. + Chakras = What’s the Connection?

We’re proud to announce a brand-new product: Big Heart Tea Co.’s Chakra Tea Boxed Set. This is a product near and dear to our hearts, and it’s been a long time coming! 

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You may not know this, but Big Heart Tea Co. actually came about just as founder Lisa was coming out of ashram life.

Tea became one of the key manifestations of her goal to integrate the hatha / kundalini into her life. 

💡 Here’s a fun fact: Big Heart Tea Co.’s original line of 7 teas was organized and inspired by the chakra system. Cup of Sunshine is the brew we aligned to the solar plexus chakra. This sunny yet fiery blend featuring organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic tulsi, organic Malabar peppercorn, and organic cinnamon is just what you need to keep your digestive fire and solar plexus chakra burning bright. (We’ll get to why — and how to channel more chakra-boosting magic — in a little bit.)

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Don’t Know Much About the Chakras?

Not familiar with the chakra system? Don’t worry — That’s what this series of blog posts will explore by unpacking each chakra, one by one. We’ve also put together this nifty little primer on the chakras for you: 

Check out our Chakra Basics post here

But here’s the nutshell version: Chakras are a series of energy systems throughout your body. Moving beyond just your body, this system can be used as an organizational tool to help you live a more integrated and connected life with yourself, others, and your surroundings. 

Think of the chakra system as a ladder. It walks you through the basic feelings and senses that we have as humans. You can apply this to any creative process or any process in life. It is a model to connect within our human experience. 

Circling back to tea, Big Heart Tea Co.’s chakra inspiration isn’t just about delivering yummy stuff in appealing packaging (though yes, that mattered too) — the herbs and message behind each tea are aligned with bringing a specific chakra into balance. 

In this series of blog posts, we’ll dig deep into each of the chakras, including exploring its meaning and how to keep yours in balance with suggested practices, mantras, and yes — the perfect tea.

Solar Plex Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Moving up from the sacral chakra, you’ll find a potent energy center indeed: the solar plexus chakra. 

The solar plexus chakra is your seat of personal power. It governs your ability to be confident and assertive (without being a bully) in life as well as your sense of self. 

Yes, indeed — important stuff. Let’s explore more: 

At-a-Glance: Solar Plexus Chakra Basics + Associations 

Here’s what you need to know about the solar plexus chakra. 

What it is: The solar plexus is the energy powerhouse inside of you.

Sanskrit Name for the root chakra: Manipura, which translates as “City of Jewels”

Where it is: Between the base of the sternum and the navel 


  • The solar plexus chakra is associated with the element of fire 
  • The solar plexus chakra is associated with the color yellow. 
  • The solar plexus chakra is associated with the sound ram (rhymes with “mom”)
  • It’s also associated with the Karmic yoga path (also called “service yoga”), which is all about acting in service without expecting anything in return. Rather than being motivated by reciprocity, your rewards come from within. 
  • The solar plexus is associated with digestion — of food, yes, but also of emotions, information, and everything that surrounds you. 

Best tea for the solar plexus chakra: Big Heart Tea Co.’s Cup of Sunshine, which, as you might imagine from its dazzling golden hue, is filled with sunshine and rainbows — plus, potent and powerful herbs that can help keep your digestive fire and energy center at just the right simmer. 

But these are just the basics. Let’s go into more detail below. 

What is the Solar Plexus Chakra All About? 

The solar plexus chakra is the burning fire within you. It spreads the fire element to your entire body and soul, providing warmth and light to your whole being. 

The solar plexus is about willpower and strength. But it’s not just about being muscle-strong. It’s about being assertive enough to be able to do what needs to be done and move through life with confidence.

Common qualities of the solar plexus chakra include intellect, ego, and willpower.  

The Importance of Keeping the Solar Plexus Chakra Balanced

The solar plexus chakra is fiery, so it’s important to keep it in balance. Here are some signs that your solar plexus chakra is functioning just fine: 

  • You feel warmth toward yourself and others
  • You have healthy self-esteem 
  • You are confident and have conviction in your decisions
  • You’re able to face challenges from a place of calm

On the flip side, if it’s out of balance, you might feel: 

  • Sluggish digestion
  • A persistent feeling of shame
  • Doubt and a lack of self-confidence
  • A feeling of powerlessness— Comp — “Why does this always happen to me?”
  • Low self-esteem, inability to connect the dots of a bigger picture 
  • If your solar plexus and throat chakras are out of balance, you may experience restricted breathing, like you can’t get your words out.

Feel like your solar plexus chakra needs a little love? Keep reading. 

How to Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Here are some basic practices that can help get you back in balance:

    • Empower yourself. What makes you feel strong and energetic? Whether it’s journaling, going out with friends, or working out, make sure to include it in your regular routine. 
  • Wear the color yellow.
  • Enjoy your largest meal midday. This is the part of the day when the digestive fire is strongest.

  • Want a more specific prescription? Here’s a little ritual we came up with to soothe the sacral chakra: 

    Solar Plexus Chakra Ritual 

    Step 1: Brew up some Cup of Sunshine. Make every part of the brewing process intentional and empowering. Choose the vessel that makes you feel strongest (Even if it’s a cheesy “World’s Best Mom” mug). Drink it in a place that makes you feel strong and confident. 

    Step 2: Laughter yoga. No joke — there’s a type of yoga totally devoted to laughter. And it’s awesome.

    Laughter yoga was invented by Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor in India, in the 1990s while researching the many benefits of laughter. Among those discoveries? Laughter has both physical and psychological benefits even when it is not authentic. In short — even if you’re fake-laughing, it’s good for you. 

    In this blog post, we discuss laughter yoga in a lot more detail. But suffice it to say that it’s full of benefits: 

    • You can fake-laugh until it amuses you enough to actually laugh. 
    • It’s good for your soul and your body — it can reduce cortisol, which allows you to release stress.
    • It can improve your breathing! Laughter-as-exercise brings tons of fresh air to your bloodstream and forces your abs to contract — no crunches required! 

    To learn more about laughter yoga, check out this blog post

    Step 3: Empower yourself with these mantras: 

    • I embrace my inner power 
    • I let go of all that's no longer serving me.

    Why We Coordinated Cup of Sunshine to the Solar Plexus Chakra 

    •  Cup of Sunshine — made with organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic tulsi, organic Malabar peppercorn, organic cinnamon — is brimming with ingredients that can support your digestive fire and heat to help you integrate and absorb the nutrients from food. 
    • Turmeric is an amazing liver detoxifier and digestive aid
    • Ginger can increase serotonin and reduce anxiety, empowering you to live life more fully.
    • Fiery peppercorn can help boost digestive health. 

    What are you waiting for? Grab some Cup of Sunshine now and keep the sunny times coming! 

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    Important note from BHT founder Lisa Govro:

    In offering our Chakra set, I feel it is important to acknowledging my own cultural background. As a white, cis-gendered woman of European descent teaching about the chakra system and tea, I must recognize that my cultural background might influence how I approach and present this knowledge. Please see this blog post for more information.

    Click here to read the full letter.

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