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Catherine's Tea Reaches Mercy Health

A radical nun’s message of compassion through tea leads Big Heart Tea Co. to an unexpected and rewarding partnership

Why Our Tea Tastes So Good

Love of ingredients, craft, people, and planet. We bring all this together to give you the best cup of tea you’ve ever had.

The Power of Women Supporting Women

Our hearts are bigger and fuller than EVER after last week! Rachel Hollis’ support reminded us yet again of the power of women supporting women — and of this serendipitous universe we’re all trying to thrive in.

Partner Story: Assam Heritage Tea

The instant I stepped out of the plane in Dibrugarh, Assam, it smelled like tea. Assam produces about 15% of the tea...

Partner Story: Earthdance Farms

EarthDance Organic Farm School has teamed up with Big Heart Tea Co. to create a locally-produced, certified organic, single-origin tea blended with locally-grown tulsi and mint.

Big News: 2018 Origin Series

Direct trade tea and herbs. Ethics in labor and environment. From Darjeeling to Malawi to Ferguson, the Origin Series represents a big step in our company's goals to transparency in trade.

Progress Towards Transparency

We reject the tea industry's clandestine, exploitative trade practices, and we know that a growing section of the market does, too. And our mission won us the 2018 Arch Grant!

Recipe: 3 Ways to Self-Care with Chamomile

Some simple tips to help you get herbal with your self-care routine.

Women in Business: Talking about Money

Last month, we gathered a warehouse full of the bossiest babes to talk about the real real. The secret money stuff that keeps us awake at night. The kind of stuff that you would never tell your mom.

Recipe: Fake Coffee Ice Cubes

So, ice cubes made with Fake Coffee? Yeah buddy. 

Recipe: Cucumber Karma Agua Fresca

Inspired by the beach-meets-jungle dreamscape of Tulum. Refreshingly minty, lightly herbal lift with just a touch of sweetness.

Recipe: The Best Iced Tea in the World

We are really, really proud of our Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance certified iced tea, Malawi #413. Freshness. Flavor. And ethics.
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