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Recipe: 3 Ways to Self-Care with Chamomile

Some simple tips to help you get herbal with your self-care routine.

Women in Business: Talking about Money

Last month, we gathered a warehouse full of the bossiest babes to talk about the real real. The secret money stuff that keeps us awake at night. The kind of stuff that you would never tell your mom.

Recipe: Fake Coffee Ice Cubes

So, ice cubes made with Fake Coffee? Yeah buddy. 

Recipe: Cucumber Karma Agua Fresca

Inspired by the beach-meets-jungle dreamscape of Tulum. Refreshingly minty, lightly herbal lift with just a touch of sweetness.

Recipe: The Best Iced Tea in the World

We are really, really proud of our Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance certified iced tea, Malawi #413. Freshness. Flavor. And ethics.

Recipe: Creamy Chai Horchata (Horchaita)

We dreamed up this refreshing riff on traditional Mexican horchata for Cinco de Mayo: a creamy, spiced chai horchata. Horchaita, y'all! If you've never made horchata before, don't stress! It's mega easy.

This is How We Do It: Transparency

In November 2017, I traveled to India on the company’s first sourcing trip. I met farmers and producers of tea, and I fell in love. Don’t we want to know that the herbs we use to heal us are grown with dignity? I know that I personally do.

Big News: India Sourcing Trip

In herbal tea, ingredient sourcing is the biggest pain point. We use herbs to heal us in intimate ways. Isn’t it important that our medicine is being grown and harvested in a way that is cool? Like, sustainably and ethically?

BHT Attends James Beard Foundation Local Advocacy Training

Chefs, brewers, chocolatiers, and tea makers (that’s us!) had a day of conversation and truth-telling about the real state of food in Saint Louis and beyond. The training educated STL tastemakers to join St. Louis’ fight against hunger. 

Big News: L.A. Launch!

We traveled to Los Angeles to celebrate our Sunshine Dust launch in six Alfred Coffee + Kitchen locations and in Alfred Tea Room! We are over the moon about this collaboration. 

Big News: The New HQ!

We have officially moved into our own space! It's our very own, wide open, sun-kissed building filled to the brim with botanicals and love.

Recipe: Fake Coffee Cold Brew with Maple and Pink Himalayan Salt

Meet Fake Coffee.  Our herbaceous blend of certified organic raw cacao, chicory, dandelion root, and cinnamon. It lo...
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