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10 Ways to Get Hygge This Year

Collage with woman holding tea

Hygge ("hoo-guh" - yeah, we can't say it either) is a cute Danish word that describes the feeling of contentment you get when you’re warm and cheery at home, snuggling up with loved ones or a good book. But cuddling and social distancing are actually exact opposites, right? We want you to stay safe *and* loved this holiday season, so we put together 10 ways to get cozy for winter 2020, the year of the solo hygge.

So light that Yule Log and get your kettle ready, because it’s about to get warm, comfy, and hygge up in here.

10 Ways to Get Hygge with Your Own Self

1. Send Some Handwritten Love

    DM’s are nice, but what about getting a random letter in the mail from your long lost bud? Letter writing can be good for you too, it is a great exercise in being present and using your hands. 

    Tip: Don’t overwhelm yourself with goals like “I’m writing to all my friends tonight!” or “I’ll write 3-page letters!” Allow yourself any length and any number of letters to start. Could be a postcard, could be a little sketch. And be sure to have the right cup of tea with you! You’ll need something energizing, loving, and touched with holiday spice.

    Rosy and Bright Tea
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    2. Cozy Movie Night

    The key to a successful movie night is pillows, blankets, and plenty of munchies to get you through the laughs and the drama. We suggest a calming, naturally sweet cup of our our organic chamomile-mint-lemongrass tea, and basically any Jackie Chan movie.

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    3. Tea Party for One 
    Making yourself a cup of tea is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. Sitting with a warm cup close to your heart is our definition of hygge. Add a drop of honey to your cup, make it extra sweet.
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    4. Holiday Selfie Session

    We’re all passing on real-life holiday parties this year, but velvet and glitter still have a place in this wacky world. Get fancy, make fancy food, def drink some fancy drinks (like these great tea  cocktail recipes), then take 1 million selfies and tell us about it!

    Some of our fave selfies with Big Heart Tea Co. this year

    (they don't have fun holiday outfits on, but you can):

    Woman in a hammock drinking tea


    Woman drinking iced tea

    icedoatmatcha with iced Chai


    Woman Drinking Breakfast Tea


    Woman with book drinking fake coffee

    ariellergordon with Fake Coffee


    Woman drinking mint tea

    msrosannecarter with Royal Treatmint


    5. Exchange Books with a Friend

    Get a different perspective and borrow a book from a friend, something you would never read!


    6. Just Eat Raw Cookie Dough

    Take away the stress of baking or perfectly piping frosting and laying sprinkles. Skip it all and live your best life with a spoon full of holiday cookie dough. We think 2020 is a cookie-dough-right-out-of-the-bowl kind of year. 


    Turmeric and Ginger star shaped cookies


    7. Make a Cozy Corner

    Sort of like a bird's nest, only made just for you with a pile of blankets, pillows, and soft lighting. Have a seat, read, cuddle with your pet, stare at the wall for sec — just zone out, babe. Pure vibes.


    8. Have Breakfast in Bed

    We’ve been besties with food delivery this year, how 'bout you? Whether you make it or order it, either way, treat yourself. Order the most delicious breakfast from your fave local spot and stay in bed a little longer. Or whip up this amazing brioche french toast recipe with strawberry-hibiscus compote (sounds fancy, but french toast is easy peezy).

    9. Pour an Herbal Bath 

    The nice thing about tea is that once it passes its shelf life for flavor, it can live on in your bathroom closet. Herbs and tea leaves are perfect for soaking your body. Pro-tip: If you have a can of coconut milk hanging around the kitchen cabinet, we suggest popping that baby open and mixing it in your herbal bath. Your skin will be silky soft, promise.

    Check this 3 part recipe for a how-to on your herbal milk bath:


    Rose Milk Tea


    make this


    10. Deck the Halls

    No, really. Decorating not only spruces up your living space, but it makes you feel like you've gone somewhere new! We've all been cooped up like, a lot this year already. Even rearranging some furniture can make a familiar space feel fresh. So as the seasons and holidays change, take the opportunity to get cheesy, turn up some tunes, and theme up your decor!

    And we recommend staying peppy but not stressy with Fake Coffee while you do, because you'll be going back for cup after cup of our delicious coffee alternative once those jams get cranked up and you realize you haven't cleaned under the couch in a year.

    We hope this helps you stay safe and cozy this year.
    the Big Heart babes

    Shop some organic tea for max hygge vibes:

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