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How to Brew Tea without Fancy Accessories

Look, we’re just gonna say it. Loose leaf tea is kind of our fav.

You get more tea per dollar. And just ask your zero waste friends —with no tea bags, you have less waste, just whole herbs and freshness inside. Plus, since it’s not pre-measured, you can do whatever you want. There’s no limit when you brew with loose tea, and you can customize your drink’s strength by adding as much or as little as you want, for as robust a brew as you want. Here are our favorite "recipes" for getting the job done.


All you need:

  • Wire mesh strainer. Don't have one yet? Try something you use to sprinkle powdered sugar, with a mesh finer than a spaghetti strainer. Cheese cloth works great too.

  • A mason jar or vessel that can hold hot water

  • Your favorite mug

Measure your tea into a jar, mug, or bowl that holds enough water for your cup of tea.

Add your hot water, following brewing instructions on your Big Heart Tea Co. box (remember, flowers are delicate!).

Once it’s steeped, simply pour over your strainer into your favorite mug.

Tea in Mesh Strainer


That’s right — you can use a French press for tea, too. Just make sure you’ve cleaned the coffee oils from its vessel and its press (and we mean really well). Coffee oils are SUPER strong and will seriously ruin any relaxing herbal moment you are about to have if you don’t prep first. 


You can follow one of our first-ever recipe blogs here! 

Steep away, bbs.

Pouring a fresh cup of Big Heart Tea Co.'s Calm Yo Tummy, an organic loose leaf tea (model: LaCrossia Wilderness of Butterlove LLC)
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