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This Is How We Do It: Single Ingredient Tea

Quality over quantity — yep, that applies to botanicals, too.

Big Heart Tea Co.'s organic hibiscus flower

Just pure, simple, certified organic hibiscus.

Big Heart Tea Co. specializes in healthy herbal tea blends. You probably know us by our Signature Line, and we’re not sorry. They’re all delicious.

And it’s also true that herbalism is based around collaboration. Active ingredients in different herbs, barks, roots, and spices help each other deliver all-over wellness and all that good healing stuff. Our certified organic teas are herbal blends for that reason, and why they’re anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants and adaptogens.

But there’s something to be said for letting your body — and taste buds — really get to know one ingredient, one tea at a time.

Elimination diet pros will confirm: trying a single ingredient tea is a great way to see how your body reacts.

And there’s more than just healing in botancials: you can change habits. Learning to appreciate the natural sweetness of rose or chamomile can help you eliminate sugar. Learning to enjoy cold-brewed hibiscus with bubbly water can wean you off soda. Learning to enjoy mint by itself might have you tossing your antacids out the window.

All the while listening, learning, and finding balance in your lovely body.

What is a “balanced diet” anyway? That depends on you and your body. And some herbal besties. You’ve just got to discover who they are! It’s like a quest. A really easy, tasty one.


enjoying the texture and quality of Big Heart Tea Co.'s organic chamomile, for tea or relaxation

First, find your herb ally. Set an intention.

All the herbs Big Heart Tea Co. offers are generally friendly, approachable, safe ingredients to start with. If you’re on an elimination diet, detox diet, ketogenic diet, or whole-30 diet, this is a perfect time to start your quest.

Once you’ve chosen your new friend, try incorporating them into your day with one small, gentle cup at a time.


Cold brew or hot brew works for almost any herb, and both are super easy to do at home. Just remember that flowers like a lower temp! (Each of our herbs has brewing parameters on its product page — check ‘em out!)

This is different than popping a supplement. Make it a present, sensory experience.

Pinch and crumble the herbs as you prepare your cup.

Listen to the water pouring.

Inhale the steam.

Sip, taste, savor.

See how your body feels as you drink, right after you drink, and how it feels a week in. How’s your digestion? Skin, head, sleep? Heck, take notes if ya want.

These plant allies offer an opportunity: to heal, to meditate, and to learn. Try it out.

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