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Highlight: Matcha

Ingredients: single-origin matcha

Listen, we won't downplay this: we source tea from the best farmers in the world. 

And coffeehouses and cafes are our lifeblood. We work side-by-side with baristas to curate tea menus that compliment their coffee programs — quality matcha is a must. 

Have you tried a matcha latte yet? Oh my gosh, you have to try it.

Big Heart Tea Co.'s Hattori Matcha Latte: a single-origin, direct trade barista favorite

The Health Benefits of Matcha.

So we know green tea is good for you. Well, matcha is green tea, but like, times ten.

No, really — when you drink a serving of matcha, it's got the nutrition of ten cups of green tea and almost 140x the antioxidants. That's because you aren't just drinking an infusion of green tea leaves. You're consuming the entire leaf, powdered.

Matcha is also mega-packed with chlorophyll, which is why it's such an enticing spring green. Straight sun power in a cup, babes. Studies have also found that it's a prebiotic, creating a great environment for your insides.

And the vitamins and minerals in this drink are beyond awesome, especially if you're looking for the rarer stuff. You'll get all your immunity-boosting polyphenolsselenium, and L-theanine in one cup (and it's safer to get these babes from a cup of tea, rather than an extract or supplement).

What makes our matcha special?

Well, it's pesticide-free, 100% traceable, real matcha (not "green tea powder"). And it's certified organic, single-origin matcha from a collection of small farmers in Shizuoka, which is a literal haven for beautiful sustainable agriculture. We don't add sugar or flavors, unlike most matcha you might have tried

You know how we roll. It's just pure.

The Tea.

Our matcha is rich and smooth, with a delicate flavor and fragrant, sweet aftertaste.

Making matcha at home might seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Here's staff writer and former barista Olivia Engel's recipes for bangin' matcha at home:

Recipe and Brewing

Blend it. Smoothies or juices are the quickest and easiest ways to get to know matcha! This not-so-secret smoothie recipe was developed while I was serving Big Heart Tea Co. at Kitchenhouse Coffee. It's bright, gingery, and so satisfying.

  • 1 banana
  • 1 generous scoop vanilla 'yogurt' of choice
  • 2 tbl chopped fresh ginger (yes, that much!)
  • 1 tbl matcha
  • dash of your 'milk' of choice
  • scoop of ice, if you like it colder
  • top with green tea ice cream, is ya got it!

Tip: for less clumping, sift or shake the matcha instead of letting it fall in a clump out of the spoon. It's finer than flour!

Whisk it. I recommend getting the real deal so you can enjoy matcha as a tea or latte at home: traditional bamboo whisks are a small investment for a light, beautiful tool. And nothing blends matcha better.

  • Choose a mug with a wide mouth and bottom, like the kind you'd get a latte in. You can also use a small bowl. Make sure it's dry so the matcha doesn't clump.
  • Heat your water to 175°. Go much hotter, and your matcha will be bitter.
  • Sift (or just dump) your tablespoon of matcha into the bottom of your cup.
  • Pour a hefty splash of heated water in there, about 2 ounces.
  • Holding your mug in one hand, use the whisk to quickly make a zig zag back and forth. Like a Z or M shape. Not just back and forth, or in a circle! And make sure the powder at the bottom and on the sides is getting mixed too. It's all in a gentle flick of the wrist.
    • Don't feel intimidated—just have fun with it! Honestly, I found this technique really fun to learn, and I still enjoy it at home.
Now you've got a gorgeous, emerald green brew in your cup. If you taste it now, you'll be blown away by the minerals and tannins! Add more water or your milk of choice for a gentler drink, and maybe sweeten with honey. I like to whisk rice milk on the stove with a dash of vanilla to pour over mine for a warm, naturally sweet latte.

Get some matcha for your morning.

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